Retreat Promotion Services

At the Retreat Institute, we understand, better than anyone, how to attract new folks to your retreat center. We know just how to stay engaged with your past participants.  We balance being professional and authentic, but never commercial or slick.

We distill the essence of your organization and then take it to the world. We incorporate best marketing tools and follow up to produce measurable results (guest nights, store sales, fundraising).

This is the art and purpose of Retreat Institute, your full-service marketing studio.  We are a boutique firm and only work with a limited number of clients each year.

We help you bring in the results you want, simply and elegantly.  We offer a variety of marketing packages to match your budget. If it’s monthly coaching you want, we can do it.

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elephant in the room: marketing can be a dirty word in the spiritual world.  During the eight years I worked on the development of a retreat center in Colorado, I experienced this phenomenon directly. Some of the emails that I received were not so pretty! But if your vision is to spread and, impact people’s lives, outreach is essential. It is the life-blood of an organization. You risk invisibility, otherwise.


Strategic & Tactical Consulting


We offer strategic and creative ideas for both online and offline marketing to build your community and generate  revenue. We develop marketing initiatives to increase website traffic and expand your email list and social media fan base. As website visitors are converted into guests, your retreat center’s  workshops and rentals fill up.  Down the road, we can help turn guests into donors, future board members, and advocates for your organization.

At the Retreat Institute we understand that marketing is not a “fire-and-forget” exercise. Consequently, we support our clients with ongoing optimization and new tactics to keep marketing campaigns fresh and dynamic, as priorities or environment change.

What do you get?


Website & Graphic Design


Our team designs and develops websites for retreat centers that are as attractive as they are easy to navigate: they are a joy to use, and they leave a lasting impression. We design your site to reflect the culture and vision of your organization, simultaneously ensuring that your site is functional and findable.  We understand this is the doorway for your future guests and a place of virtual retreat for your loyal friends.

We are strong on structure and design. Our web designers build interactive systems and applications for managing your online data and content. And our graphic designers provide full design support, including targeted postcard mailings, brochures, catalogs, and print ads.


What do you get?


Social Media & Email Marketing


This has become a necessary way to reach your community with relevant, value-added information and special offers. The data that we glean from social media and email marketing can be used for promoting new programs, events, trips, and upcoming trainings. Our research also provides crucial feedback for refining your marketing strategy.

Email marketing allows highly targeted messaging (yoga, meditation, wellness), fully integrates with social media, and can readily be forwarded to friends and family.  Some report a 20 times ROI compared to traditional media.

What do you get?


Pay-per-Click (PPC) Marketing


Also referred to as search engine marketing or SEM, paid search can be one of the most expeditious and effective forms of online marketing. PPC initiatives are most effective with Google AdWords and, since social media has exploded in popularity, with Facebook advertising. Once these campaigns are established, our team generates data and refines the strategy. You can then elect to expand the engagement and translate the PPC information to other search engines as well.

What do you get?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Competition is tough out there. Without SEO, you may never get ranked well by major search engines.

So how do you begin to optimize your website? You need a thorough knowledge of your market: who is your target audience? Who is the competition? Understand your unique industry and what is motivating your audience. Once we’ve completed our research of the market conditions, we create a keyword strategy. This will require extensive keyword analysis to determine what keywords people are using to find a specific product or service. The

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resulting keyword strategy, paired with the information gained in the industry research, is the foundation of SEO.

What do you get?


Direct Mail/Direct Response


Digital and Traditional Need Each Other !

Our team will develop effective campaigns to grow your customer base. From offline tactics like postcards, catalogs, brochures and letter packages, to online initiatives that include websites, microsites, email, banners and more, our team is fully versed in targeting, managing and growing your fan base. We can also help you with list acquisition, testing and response analysis.

We have worked with lists ranging from 10,000 to 130,000, continuously fine-tuning the message and list purchase.  With the market being more competitive than ever, you should consider running an integrated, progressive online and direct-mail marketing effort to optimize your customer base and generate new revenue.

What do you get?


Reservation and Event Systems


Do you need a way to manage booking events, reservations and other resources? We can set up and adapt our existing software to fit your retreat center’s needs or build a whole new system from scratch. Our systems give you the advantage of being able to manage everything from one place, while allowing your customers to make reservations and purchases on your website.

 Features and deliverables we can provide include: