It takes a village to create and sustain a retreat center. Here are some of my favorite resources for creating the most beautiful and effective organizations possible. I have worked intimately with all of them and can not say enough about their brilliant contribution.

MatrixWorks: Group Facilitation & Leadership

Mukara Meredith

MatrixWorks has been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge neuroscience and an understanding of brain-functioning to Leaders, Managers and their Teams. This work teaches all members of a group to access collective intelligence and practice the skills of collaboration and connectivity. MatrixWorks also serves in the fields of Education, Health Care and Therapeutic Modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi and Cranial Therapy. MatrixWorks is being taught in the United States, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Canada.

This model of working with groups has been developed and continually improved upon by Mukara Meredith, MSW, Certified Hakomi Trainer, who with humor, often refers to herself as a 108 year-old Tibetan Elf. Mukara’s life’s-work has been devoted to bringing human-friendly values into businesses and organizations to ensure meaningful work, market place fairness and organizational success. This purpose led to the founding of MatrixWorks in 1999. MatrixWorks is an innovative consulting firm that supports groups, teams and organizations learn to function as “Living Systems”.

As President of MatrixWorks, Mukara is committed to creating new cultures of creativity, nourishment and innovation in workplace relationships by using the power of small groups.



Mysterious Gate Fengshui Consulting

Eva Wong

Mysterious Gate Fengshui Consulting is founded by Eva Wong, a lineage carrier (quanren) of Shen’s Xuankong lineage and Sanyuan, and an adept practitioner of Sanhe. Her books on fengshui include: Fengshui – The Ancient Wisdom of HarmoniousLiving for Modern Times, and A Master Course in Fengshui. Aims and Objectives of Mysterious Gate Fengshui Consulting Services

Fengshui is about understanding the nature of energy or qi in the universe so that we can build and design homes, workplaces, and towns to help us live harmoniously with positive energy and avoid negative energy.

Applications of Traditional Fengshui: Fengshui can be used to select building sites, design and improve homes, businesses, landscapes, spiritual sanctuaries, and burial sites. When applied properly, fengshui can promote health, prosperity, interpersonal harmony, productivity, creativity, spiritual development, and minimize illness, disharmony, and bankruptcy.

Evaluating the External Environment
– evaluating the impact of natural landforms and human-made structures on a site or a building
– evaluating the architecture of buildings
– recommending countermeasures against structures carrying negative energy
– recommending ways of directing positive energy into a site

Evaluating the Internal Environment
– evaluating the floor plans and interior design features of buildings
– charting the flow of direction and temporal energy within a building
– recommending countermeasures and enhancements
– recommending space usage
– matching the occupants to a residence

Designing Landscape
– designing and placing landscape features to create and enhance positive energy around a building



Marpa Landscape

Martin Mosko

Marpa has over 30 years of experience designing and building the extraordinary. If you are interested in a few berms and a parking lot, you’re in the wrong place. Our vision is to create landscapes of wonder, whether in the commercial or residential setting. Our gardens are entire in themselves: they may tell a story or create a journey, but they are always complete experiences. We do not try to do city planning or to decorate architecture. Instead, we create and build remarkable gardens that uplift and inspire, which set you loose from the mundane into magic.

Our vision can and has been realized in a multitude of settings: commercial, residential, and non-profit. We have designed our award-winning gardens in many styles and in many places throughout the country.

Martin Mosko, founder and principal of Marpa Design Studio, graduated from Yale University and has trained extensively with Japanese master gardeners both in the U.S. and Japan. He has designed and built private and public gardens in the Rocky Mountains and throughout the U.S. for 35 years, which have been recognized for their unsurpassed artistry as well as technical excellence. The firm has won 51 state and national awards and has been recognized for its contributions to the built environment by the American Institute of Architects.

In addition to his responsibilities at Marpa, Mosko is abbot of Hakubai Temple, co-author of the book Landscape As Spirit: Creating a Contemplative Garden, and travels the country lecturing on garden design, the art of rock setting, photography, and meditation.